A Day in the Life of a Freelance Writer

Freelance work has been blowing up over the past decade and will continue to grow but what is it really like?

Freelance writing boils down to three main areas. Finding work, doing said work, and then getting paid. As a freelance writer, I understand the pain of even finding a job.

The first step in even finding a job or gig is hard enough themselves most use Fiverr to put their work on display in hops of someone finding their work and then hiring them for some type of predetermined cost. The problem with this is that if you haven't gotten any jobs it is hard to get people to trust that you are the right person for their job.

A typical day will be spent the majority of trying to find and acquire jobs. In the case of my freelance writing I do it through Medium and only write for myself and things I want to write about. This, however, does come at a cost because I do not get a salary instead of commission for however well my article does. This is where I find predicaments all the time wondering if I should write about current issues or what I really want to write about.

The second part is after you have received a job and need to write for them. This part is difficult because some clients do not like your writing style when you submit your work. This results in a rewrite where you then have to go over your work again.

This brings us to the third part of getting paid. The salary can be scattered heavily because as a freelance writer you do not have guaranteed pay like a typical job.

This is the life of a freelance writer and you need to be very passionate about writing in order to succeed in this field. Although nothing is for certain working for yourself can feel rewarding. Treat your work as art and write to your style and let the rest fall into place.

If you are interested in writing freelance you can get started at Medium. The process of signing up is very easy and you can write your stories today! Always have fun with it and perfect your craft!




Just a guy trying to find his place in this big world. Love you all!

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Duncan Saggau

Duncan Saggau

Just a guy trying to find his place in this big world. Love you all!

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